Why should I test my home's water?

Why should I test my home's water? This is the #1 question we get at 120WaterAudit and it's a good one!

If you're on a private well supply, you should be testing your own water because no else is going to. 

If you're on a public water supply your water utility company works very hard to treat and test your water so it's safe to drink. The majority of the time your water leaves the plant perfectly safe. What happens after your water leaves their meter and travels to your tap is a different story. The most common way water gets contaminated is through old infrastructure such as lead service lines or your own home's plumbing.

Testing the taps in your own home is really the only way to ensure you're water is contaminant free. For more information on how lead and other contaminants enter your water supply check out this video by the USA Today.