Testing your water with and without a filter.

We received a great question from a 120WaterAudit customer the other day and we thought it'd be good to share in case others are wondering:

We mainly drink filtered water through our refrigerator. Should I test that or my kitchen sink? Nick - California

The answer is both, but first, to get a benchmark of your water's quality you should test the primary faucet that's used for drinking and/or cooking WITHOUT a filter. This will give you a true benchmark as to your home's water quality.

That's not to say; however, that every tap or water source in your house will have the exact same results. Many of our customers choose to purchase a water testing subscription so they can rotate the testing areas in their home throughout the year. Some have even tested their baby's bottled formula water. (we thought this was a great idea!)

After you have that benchmark we do recommend testing your water wit the filter to ensure it's doing what it's supposed to do. For more information about choosing a certified filter for your home, visit the NFG's website.