City Drinking Water Test - Pace Analytical

One time and continuous monitoring options available. Every test includes verified Lab results and free shipping & handling.

City Drinking Water Test, $ 82.50

The City Drinking Water Test is best for consumers that receive their water from public water systems. The following are included in the package:

Why test?
There are many factors such as service lines supplying your water and your home’s plumbing, particularly if your house was built before 1986, that can impact the quality of your water throughout the year.  But, your water system isn’t checking for these contaminants throughout the year.

The public water systems are required to do compliance testing every year but harmful contaminants such as Lead are only required to be tested every three years, according to the Lead and Copper Rule of 1991.  The only way to be sure your water is contaminant free is with regular water testing.